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Based in Arlington, TX

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Acoustic #1 Friends With Benz  Reality  Beryl Court


TBB at AAC 2-3-18_edited
TBB at AAC 2-3-18_edited

Tristan2 12-31-17
Tristan2 12-31-17


Tristan Always time to play 10-17_edited
Tristan Always time to play 10-17_edited

Tristan always finds time to play.

TBB at AAC 2-3-18_edited
TBB at AAC 2-3-18_edited

Tristan Bugenis
  • Vocals
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Live Sound
  • Music Production

Whether going it alone or blending sound with a band, Tristan makes his  performance memorable. With covers that cross genres and eras, every audience finds a song to sing along.  His original music takes a peek into life experiences that touches others and lingers long after the last chord has played. Tristan brings a show that engages, entertains, and encourages participation. Most important, come and have some fun!

 VIDEO: Visit my YouTube channel for more videos, including covers!

Download my "Cover Song List"

if you would like to see what songs I play!  P.S. It changes a lot

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